Marijuana Industry Content Writing

You found it!

That ‘hidden page’ on my site where I talk about why you should hire me to write your marijuana industry content.

What? Did you think stoners didn’t read? They do, and if you plan to reach them, you need to work with a content writing company that keeps it stoner-simple every time.

Think I’m blowing smoke? I’m not. When a seed bank needed an online copy editor to perfect their American English, I was there ready to edit.

Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing provides authentic marijuana industry writing in topics including but not limited to:

  • legalization
  • culture
  • growing
  • medicine

designed to reach everyone from health enthusiast to die-hard stoner.

Headquartered in Washington state, we’ve watched the legal marijuana industry grow into the popular industry that is is now, and have been carefully editing some of the most viral marijuana content on the web.

We know our stuff, but can we write it? Well, does head cheese stink? Fill your blog with fun-to-read blog posts like this one.

(Yes, he stole my byline) Lots of scammers in this biz unfortunately.

Or other posts like this one or this one.

And if you’re worried about us slacking off, don’t be – we have a dedicated staff of weed enthusiasts and content writing junkies that understand your industry and love writing for it. (And we’ve been doing it since 2014…..)

If you’re ready to elevate your content marketing with professional writing that resonates with your consumers contact us by completing the form below:







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