Baltimore, Opportunity and Freelancing

I’m from a small town in South Carolina. I wasn’t born there, but I spent most of my formative years imagining life beyond the local Piggly Wiggly. My father lived there as a child, and his father lived there. Prior to that, his father likely lived there … The story continues as far back asContinue reading “Baltimore, Opportunity and Freelancing”

From Prison to the Boardroom

I like to write about entrepreneurial motivations, partly because of my experiences, and partly because of the entrepreneurs I have been able to meet. So when I received a text message about Defy Ventures, Inc., it definitely piqued my interest. What is Defy Ventures? Well, simply put, they are a group of motivated Americans tryingContinue reading “From Prison to the Boardroom”

On Writing Online for a Living

Yesterday I received congratulations on LinkedIn from a classmate from middle school. “Happy 6 year work anniversary!” What? Has it seriously been 6 years? In Internet years, that’s almost a lifetime. I thought about my work anniversary the entire day. I was surprised to discover that freelance writing had been my longest running gig, beatingContinue reading “On Writing Online for a Living”

Grammarly: It’s Like Writing with a Coach

Even the greatest players have coaches –  but for some reason, people believe having a writing coach is against the rules. I simply do not get it – wouldn’t you want someone to tell you when you are messing up? That’s why I was willing to give Grammarly a shot. Yes, they had a freeContinue reading “Grammarly: It’s Like Writing with a Coach”