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30,000 Words, 700 Jobs, One Year

The real process of freelancing- lots of applications and few responses


A few months ago, a friend considering a freelance writing career asked me how much money I make as a writer. I wanted to say, “You mean, what’s the going rate for a human soul?” But I wasn’t close enough to this friend to be certain she’d realize I was mostly kidding. Instead I said, “This month, I made between $25 and $2,000 for individual stories that were about the same length,” to indicate how unpredictable rates are in an industry that is hemorrhaging money while flooded with qualified candidates.

I’ve produced more than 30,000 words of original and highly job-specific material without pay in an effort to prove myself a capable and good sport to the handful of companies that have reached back out to me from the black hole of resume inboxes to give me a chance.

– Prospective employers demand full-time freelancers to produce inordinate amounts of…

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ReBlog Sunday: The One Thing That Can Ruin Your Freelance Writing Career

I generally run very far away from any article that begins with “The One Thing”, but for this one I couldn’t help reading. In this post, freelance writer Elna Cain talks about how she nearly ruined her freelance career with one single mistake… and it has little to do with writing.

I’m sharing this for anyone who’ve ever doubted their ability to freelance.

The day my son went viral

Content Creators dream of going viral, but at what point has it gone too far? #Sunday Reblog

Put the book back on the shelf

UntitledA couple of months ago my son, who is six years old, performed a solo routine at his school talent competition. I couldn’t attend but my wife filmed it on her mobile phone so I could watch it later. She also put it on Facebook for friends and relatives to see. Unfortunately, we hadn’t given any thought to the privacy settings and it was ‘shared’ amongst people we didn’t know. When we became aware of this we quickly changed the permissions and forgot all about it.

However, one morning, a few days later, we received a text from a friend telling us that the video was ‘trending’ on Buzzfeed and, as we hastily conducted some Google searches, it became apparent that we had a problem. There were bizarre stories about it on sites such as Huffington Post and Mail Online and these were being replicated around the world. Additionally, the…

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Yeah, I do that, too….

I sent my resume out a few times this past week. It was kind of a strange thing for me, because since I started writing online, I haven’t needed to send out a resume very often. Most of the time I send potential clients my samples, they watch my profile interview, or they read reviews from past and current clients. But there always is the rare occasion when I have to attach the one page resume, which is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep short.

What I noticed as I updated my resume, is that I have done a lot of things. It’s not necessarily because I have a problem with commitment, it’s more because I have a lot of interests. So when this article showed up in my inbox it definitely felt close to home.

For this Sunday’s Re-Blog, I am sharing:

The Rise of the ‘Hyphenates’: How Freelancers Are Adapting to Become Multi-Skilled Wonders,

an article by Gary M Stern in The Freelancer, by Contently

It’s a very short, yet informative read that gives so much insight into why I have trouble defining what it is exactly that I do.