30,000 Words, 700 Jobs, One Year

Originally posted on Longreads:
A few months ago, a friend considering a freelance writing career asked me how much money I make as a writer. I wanted to say, “You mean, what’s the going rate for a human soul?” But I wasn’t close enough to this friend to be certain she’d realize I was mostly…

ReBlog Sunday: The One Thing That Can Ruin Your Freelance Writing Career

I generally run very far away from any article that begins with “The One Thing”, but for this one I couldn’t help reading. In this post, freelance writer Elna Cain talks about how she nearly ruined her freelance career with one single mistake… and it has little to do with writing. I’m sharing this forContinue reading “ReBlog Sunday: The One Thing That Can Ruin Your Freelance Writing Career”

Yeah, I do that, too….

I sent my resume out a few times this past week. It was kind of a strange thing for me, because since I started writing online, I haven’t needed to send out a resume very often. Most of the time I send potential clients my samples, they watch my profile interview, or they read reviewsContinue reading “Yeah, I do that, too….”