Yeah, I do that, too….

I sent my resume out a few times this past week. It was kind of a strange thing for me, because since I started writing online, I haven’t needed to send out a resume very often. Most of the time I send potential clients my samples, they watch my profile interview, or they read reviews from past and current clients. But there always is the rare occasion when I have to attach the one page resume, which is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep short.

What I noticed as I updated my resume, is that I have done a lot of things. It’s not necessarily because I have a problem with commitment, it’s more because I have a lot of interests. So when this article showed up in my inbox it definitely felt close to home.

For this Sunday’s Re-Blog, I am sharing:

The Rise of the ‘Hyphenates’: How Freelancers Are Adapting to Become Multi-Skilled Wonders,

an article by Gary M Stern in The Freelancer, by Contently

It’s a very short, yet informative read that gives so much insight into why I have trouble defining what it is exactly that I do.

Let me know what you think....

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