My Obsession with Facebook

A few years ago, I decided to voice my opinion of social media, and it got me a little attention. While I did want feedback from someone other than my parents, I didn’t expect what happened. Here’s some of what I’ve said on Facebook that’s been published on I Left Facebook My public announcementContinue reading “My Obsession with Facebook”

Is Your Business Self Absorbed?

Hold on; let me take a selfie….. We all know them- the over obsessed teens and adults who must always take a picture of themselves. It defines the latest generation, one I’ve nicknamed the selfie generation. They are the groups of people who are desperately searching for someone that cares about their lives. They areContinue reading “Is Your Business Self Absorbed?”

Women Go Nude on Twitter, How Are You Going to Compete with That?

Social Media marketing isn’t for the meek. At times, it can be a certified mad house that many small businesses are hesitant to walk into. It’s understandable. I mean, how can you stand out amongst the massive amount of content that is traveling around you 24-7? You can’t on your own. You don’t have toContinue reading “Women Go Nude on Twitter, How Are You Going to Compete with That?”

#twitter: Too much of a good thing

I’ve posted before about the weird environment that is Twitter, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a ridiculous amount of tools to help you sort through the platform. There are tools to help you find people to follow, there are tools to help you find people to tweet to, and thereContinue reading “#twitter: Too much of a good thing”