Prufreed Your Content

The Internet is fast-paced. I get it. But there really isn’t a good reason for not proofreading before you hit submit. With so many automated tools, its amazing how anyone is able to send out bad content without knowing. Unfortunately, they do.  This parody by Weird Al Yancovich proves they do. People need help writing!Continue reading “Prufreed Your Content”


What If the Real World Was Like Twitter? First of all, it would be very loud. I’m going to start this blog by saying that I love twitter. I’ve used my Twitter account since 2009, made plenty of friends and had the occasional celebrity follow. Twitter is an awesome community, and it comes as noContinue reading “#isanyonelistening”

Why I Won’t Be Adding You On LinkedIn

I wasn’t very popular in high school. Yes, I knew people, but it was never my goal to be liked by a whole bunch of people. It was always more important to be liked by certain people. I guess that’s why I am baffled by LinkedIn and Facebook sometimes. For some people I feel likeContinue reading “Why I Won’t Be Adding You On LinkedIn”