Women Go Nude on Twitter, How Are You Going to Compete with That?

Social Media marketing isn’t for the meek. At times, it can be a certified mad house that many small businesses are hesitant to walk into. It’s understandable. I mean, how can you stand out amongst the massive amount of content that is traveling around you 24-7? You can’t on your own.

You don’t have to be a twitter celebrity to have an effective social media presence. The Internet is huge, but it is also diverse. While celebrities try to ‘break the Internet’ with pictures of their bare behind, there are still those online who are interested in what you have to say. So say it.

Competing on twitter is akin to walking into high school as the new kid in town … and you’re a Freshman. In that situation, you have a few options for getting noticed. You can try making some strategic alliances with popular people; you can try doing something drastic that gets you noticed, or you can wait it out and build your popularity slowly. Eventually, you’ll be a senior, right?

Small businesses should focus on making strategic alliances with both other ‘freshmen’, as well as some of the influential ‘upperclassmen’. In Twitter-speak, I’m talking about influencers and followers.

Influencers are a powerful tool for becoming popular on twitter, and popularity on twitter is a sure fire way to grow your online presence. Think you can do it without social media? No; you need to be on twitter. You need to interact with the rest of the world- because somewhere in that world lies your next customer.

If the thought completely terrifies you, hire a social media manager or content specialist. They can help create sharable content that connects your business with potential and current fans. They can manage your brand’s image on social media- and keep you from tweeting things you’ll later regret.

So, don’t let the naked women intimidate you- get on out there and connect. But leave your clothes on, please. It’s not that kind of party.


What If the Real World Was Like Twitter? First of all, it would be very loud.

I’m going to start this blog by saying that I love twitter. I’ve used my Twitter account since 2009, made plenty of friends and had the occasional celebrity follow. Twitter is an awesome community, and it comes as no surprise that it is also a top social marketing tool. But, before you start auto-tweeting all of your blog posts (don’t worry, I’m guilty too..) think before you tweet. Twitter can engage you to customers, or it can make you seem distant and obnoxious. How would you like to appear?

Let me paint a picture of what Twitter would look like in the real world.

Mark walks by a building and notices flashing lights, loud music, and lots of chatter. There is one unassuming door with the simple word “twitter” across the top. Mark opens the door, and a friendly bouncer greets him.

“Hi Mark, welcome to Twitter! Here’s the rules – come find me if you need help,” hands him a pamphlet and disappears. Before Mark could get scared, a celebrity runs past him drinking a beer and laughing at the top of his lungs.

“Oh my gosh was that?” his shock is interrupted by 1000 people running behind him yelling at the star.

“Hey, I drink that beer too!”

“OMG your like my favorite! Follow Me”

“You are so dumb, why did you even laugh at that!”

Then, before Mark could blink, a second wave of people pop up from nowhere:

“Want more people to follow you, follow me and I’ll tell you how!”

“Get coupons on all your favorite beers.”

“All the celebrity news you can stand! Follow right now!”

Still in shock, but not deterred. Mark ventures further into Twitter and begins to tweet.

“Hi, My name is Mark.”

He looks around waiting for someone to respond. Nothing.

Then after 5 minutes (3 days in the real world) someone appears. It’s Josh.

“Hi, my name is Josh.”

Mark cheers up. Now he is going to have the fun everyone else was having. He begins to tweet more, writing about his dog, his favorite food and his favorite sports. More and more followers appear, but they don’t say anything. Mark looks around at them wondering why they aren’t talking. Then after he had 15 followers, and it had been a few weeks, someone replies.

“Thanks for the follow check out my website at ___”

Mark is devastated. Is this what Twitter is about? His inbox starts to fill with spam messages as his timeline is full of links and self glorifying posts.

He tried replying to the posters but it was as if they couldn’t hear him. They just continued posting.

#isanyonelistening Mark screams.

The room goes quiet. Mark opens his eyes to see everyone looking at him. Then the chatter begins. Uproars of chatter. Uncontrollable chatter. Mark has started a trend.

#isanyonelistening started popping up around him.

Mark ran out of Twitter in disgust – never to return.

Is this what your brand is doing to people? Do you engage with your customers or do you leave them out there feeling ignored? Think about it the next time you tweet- Don’t be tweet-noxious.

What We Can Learn about Social Media Marketing from Hip Hop

“Whose World Is It? The World is Yours…” Nas

When I was a teen, I never realized how true those words would ring in my professional life as an online writer. But in our Internet economy it is becoming increasingly truer. Today’s #ReBlog Sunday is not taken from a WordPress blog. It is from the official weblog of Henry Jenkins, the Provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. So, you will have to actually click the link- I know, I’m sorry. But, I promise, it’s worth the read.

Today’s pick is about the Internet’s effect on music promotion. No, this is not a dated piece on how MySpace and YouTube started many of the people we enjoy today. This discussion tackles something way more interesting to me: social media and general online presence.

One of the main points is to be the most effective, your social media marketing has to be timely, appropriate and viral. Some Hip Hop artists seem to get this – taking their wordplay craft online to tap into the huge market of the world.

If you have been thinking about how to effectively use social media marketing, I encourage you to read the article. .. and if you are the video watching type, congrats, it has two embedded videos!