Does Your Online Content Reflect You?

I had a discussion with my husband the other day about what my work entails. Strangely enough, although I work from home, my family believes I type away at my keyboard and read Twitter all day. If that’s all I did, that would sure be an awesome way to pay the bills- but I digress…

My husband – like many traditionally business minded people- believed that my job entailed making people look better. I explained that it was a little bit different; that I give people a voice.

My writing business is formed around a marketing principle that I passionately believe in. It’s called authenticity, or as I frequently call it, ‘keeping it real.’ Authenticity builds trust, it forms connections, and ultimately, it closes deals.

As a salesperson and promotional marketer it was easy to use authenticity. I simply remained very honest with people, giving them the good and the bad, and letting them make their own decisions. See, I was confident in what I was selling, so much that I didn’t need to hype it up to get the job done. I simply needed to know what I was talking about and smile pretty.

Yes, appearance matters… unfortunately, for some.

But in writing, this process is not as straightforward –                                         and it takes a talented writer to do it well

How does a company remain authentic when marketing on a platform that is mostly text based?

How do you stand out from every other business in your industry? You could create videos, display professionally designed info graphs, or record informative podcasts; but what are you going to write in the description?

My point is, building authenticity online is about maintaining your business’s voice. It’s not about using industry buzzwords or copy-writing formulas for putting together a website. It’s about taking your business, and everything that it is – the good, the bad, the unique – and accurately depicting that online in an attractive way.

For the small business, the Internet is not about looking better than you actually are; it is about extending who you are to a different market.

You made the business, let me help you share it with the world.

Check out my newly launched website, Jenn Marie Marketing & Writing for a list of all the services that I provide for small businesses, individuals and anyone seeking an authentic voice online.

But I Want My Answer Now!

The Internet has spoiled society. I realized this today as I checked my inbox for the third time in a ten minute period. Although I knew it wasn’t rational to spend so much time staring at the screen, waiting for a 0 to change to a 1, I did it anyway. I did it because from experience I know that it is a quick response that makes or breaks you online. As one of my former employers used to say, “go at the speed of the Internet”.

But at what point does preparedness become obsession? Is it when you feel legitimately depressed that there are no new messages in your inbox? Is it when you scour the Internet looking for an opportunity to post something, just so you could elicit a response? As a copywriter, I understand the power of words, and – I’ll be honest- I take it personally when my words do not elicit a response.

So does the fact that I judge the effectiveness of my skill on my ability to receive a response say anything about my passion? I’m not sure.

I do, however, think I am spoiled.

I have grown up with the Internet. I know that people have ways of instantly seeing (and responding to) what I have to say. I have an expectation that what I have to say is important, and that people would want to respond to it. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking like this either.

The problem is: we all think that what we have to say is important; and with the Internet we all have the ability to easily say it to each other. For popular people, that ability is increased, but generally speaking, it is an equal playing field.

But now, with so many of us online, we must rely on our capacity to say something that elicits a response. We must be aggressive in our communications to get anyone to pay attention to us. Nowadays, even a copywriter gets ignored…

So before you begin sulking (like I am) because your website isn’t responsive, your tweets don’t get retweeted, or your emails are marked as spam, consider hiring a copywriter to craft your message. It isn’t a guarantee for an uncontrollable amount of responses, but I can promise, it will help!

I’m a Copywriter; So Why Am I Interviewing Freeway Rick Ross?

Seems like a legitimate question, right? Well, to be honest I still don’t know the answer. Perhaps it was a little bit of the reporter in me- wanting to scoop the story first. Or maybe it was the community activist in me, wanting to learn and share the message of someone with such an intriguing mission. I seriously don’t know why I took hours of precious freelancing time so that I could possibly write a controversial article.

Maybe it’s because deep down, we all want to do something that makes an impact to the World. That was my motivation behind joining AmeriCorps, I wanted to do something. However doing something with writing is not always so straightforward. How do you truly impact society with words? I guess you’d have to say some truly impactful things.

And that is probably the reason why my interview is still sitting on my hard drive- full of jewels of information that I eagerly want to share. I have no problem saying some impactful stuff- I just don’t know who to say it to, and when I do I want to make sure it counts. So for the last week my interview sits in a folder, while my mind races with ideas on the best ways to share it.

I don’t have this problem when I write copy. The medium is clearly defined: a website, an email, a Facebook post, etc. All I have to do is merely translate the brand’s message into words a target demographic can understand. But what do you do when you have the message but struggle with determining the correct medium?

Write a blog post about it?

So hopefully, I will figure this out soon, and can add another published piece to my collection. (Before his next movie is released…) In the meanwhile, enjoy the introduction from my interview.. it may give some idea about what’s in store:

Listen to the Intro Here




You Can Sell Anything Online

Have you ever wanted to be a drug dealer? Who does? Surprisingly enough, people who otherwise would need special license (or couldn’t do it legally-even if they tried) are finding new ways to make money on the sale of drugs- legal, illegal, and alternative – through the Internet. Now, this post isn’t an endorsement or advertisement for any of these programs, it is actually a commentary on an internet practice that online writers frequently are exposed to.

Think you know where I am going with my post? Before you think I’m talking about the sites that sell marijuana seeds, herbal supplements or even Viagra pills, think again. I am talking about affiliate marketing- that special third party way of making money off of industries normal people would be hesitant to directly involve themselves with. It’s so easy, right? Simply post a link, or show a banner, and you can make a commission every time you passively refer a customer to these companies.

Imagine what that would be like if the real world worked that way? Oh wait, it does. Except the internet makes it a lot easier, and expands access into markets people aren’t willing to talk about face to face.

And it’s not limited to drugs. You can sell adult entertainment, adult novelties, gambling (depending on what country you’re in) and probably even more questionable things that I haven’t thought of.

What does this have to do with writing?

Someone has to write all of those billboards- I mean websites– so that Google thinks they are worth the space they are taking up. Someone has to create the landing pages that convince passer-bys to make that much needed final step- the email address, the credit card- that gives the website owner the money they were seeking to make.

Is that person me?

I won’t lie; I’ve done my share of copywriting for affiliate websites, but I generally try to stick with projects that I do not morally object with. For example, you will never see me writing anything for a site that is linked to anything promoting Duke University. A girl has got to draw the line somewhere.