You Can Sell Anything Online

Have you ever wanted to be a drug dealer? Who does? Surprisingly enough, people who otherwise would need special license (or couldn’t do it legally-even if they tried) are finding new ways to make money on the sale of drugs- legal, illegal, and alternative – through the Internet. Now, this post isn’t an endorsement or advertisement for any of these programs, it is actually a commentary on an internet practice that online writers frequently are exposed to.

Think you know where I am going with my post? Before you think I’m talking about the sites that sell marijuana seeds, herbal supplements or even Viagra pills, think again. I am talking about affiliate marketing- that special third party way of making money off of industries normal people would be hesitant to directly involve themselves with. It’s so easy, right? Simply post a link, or show a banner, and you can make a commission every time you passively refer a customer to these companies.

Imagine what that would be like if the real world worked that way? Oh wait, it does. Except the internet makes it a lot easier, and expands access into markets people aren’t willing to talk about face to face.

And it’s not limited to drugs. You can sell adult entertainment, adult novelties, gambling (depending on what country you’re in) and probably even more questionable things that I haven’t thought of.

What does this have to do with writing?

Someone has to write all of those billboards- I mean websites– so that Google thinks they are worth the space they are taking up. Someone has to create the landing pages that convince passer-bys to make that much needed final step- the email address, the credit card- that gives the website owner the money they were seeking to make.

Is that person me?

I won’t lie; I’ve done my share of copywriting for affiliate websites, but I generally try to stick with projects that I do not morally object with. For example, you will never see me writing anything for a site that is linked to anything promoting Duke University. A girl has got to draw the line somewhere.

Let me know what you think....

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