But I Want My Answer Now!

The Internet has spoiled society. I realized this today as I checked my inbox for the third time in a ten minute period. Although I knew it wasn’t rational to spend so much time staring at the screen, waiting for a 0 to change to a 1, I did it anyway. I did it because from experience I know that it is a quick response that makes or breaks you online. As one of my former employers used to say, “go at the speed of the Internet”.

But at what point does preparedness become obsession? Is it when you feel legitimately depressed that there are no new messages in your inbox? Is it when you scour the Internet looking for an opportunity to post something, just so you could elicit a response? As a copywriter, I understand the power of words, and – I’ll be honest- I take it personally when my words do not elicit a response.

So does the fact that I judge the effectiveness of my skill on my ability to receive a response say anything about my passion? I’m not sure.

I do, however, think I am spoiled.

I have grown up with the Internet. I know that people have ways of instantly seeing (and responding to) what I have to say. I have an expectation that what I have to say is important, and that people would want to respond to it. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking like this either.

The problem is: we all think that what we have to say is important; and with the Internet we all have the ability to easily say it to each other. For popular people, that ability is increased, but generally speaking, it is an equal playing field.

But now, with so many of us online, we must rely on our capacity to say something that elicits a response. We must be aggressive in our communications to get anyone to pay attention to us. Nowadays, even a copywriter gets ignored…

So before you begin sulking (like I am) because your website isn’t responsive, your tweets don’t get retweeted, or your emails are marked as spam, consider hiring a copywriter to craft your message. It isn’t a guarantee for an uncontrollable amount of responses, but I can promise, it will help!

Let me know what you think....

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