My Obsession with Facebook

A few years ago, I decided to voice my opinion of social media, and it got me a little attention. While I did want feedback from someone other than my parents, I didn’t expect what happened. Here’s some of what I’ve said on Facebook that’s been published on I Left Facebook My public announcementContinue reading “My Obsession with Facebook”

Writing A Profile That Isn’t Crap

I have always been amazed by some of the professional profiles I have read online. Some of them have you clicking away thinking ‘Man, I wonder if they will even acknowledge my email’ while others have you thinking ‘Are they for real – they want people to pay them?’ Lately the majority of the onesContinue reading “Writing A Profile That Isn’t Crap”

“Publicists are Super Humans, Not Super Heroes”

Originally posted on fantasy5:
Do you understand what a publicist’s job entails and when you should hire one? It consists of far more than sending e-blasts, image consulting, and damage control. You must also have talent and a great product. A good/connected publicist will open windows of opportunity, break down barriers, and help you accomplish…