“Publicists are Super Humans, Not Super Heroes”

I’m late, but its still Sunday here… Check out this reality post from a personal friend whose freelance work ethic I have always admired. For the online economy it is all about getting your name out there. The internet is a very loud place. Can anyone hear you? @keianimodels



Do you understand what a publicist’s job entails and when you should hire one? It consists of far more than sending e-blasts,image consulting, and damage control. You must also have talent and a great product. A good/connected publicist will open windows of opportunity, break down barriers, and help you accomplish things that would be difficult for you to acquire on your own. An even better one will do all of the above, be your spokesperson,advisor, and so much more.


A:) Do you have a Finished Project?

B:) Have you created your own buzz to the point where you’re receiving word of mouth advertisement, and your fans are participating in social and other types sharing?

C:) Are you being contacted via phone to make guest appearances on T.V., at events, etc.? 

D:) How far is your reach?…

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