What We Can Learn about Social Media Marketing from Hip Hop

“Whose World Is It? The World is Yours…” Nas When I was a teen, I never realized how true those words would ring in my professional life as an online writer. But in our Internet economy it is becoming increasingly truer. Today’s #ReBlog Sunday is not taken from a WordPress blog. It is from theContinue reading “What We Can Learn about Social Media Marketing from Hip Hop”

North Carolina Shakespeare Festival closes for good

I wonder what Shakespeare would think if he read some of the things we write today… I seriously doubt that most of it would stick around for hundreds of years and our descendants would want to recite it. Maybe that’s just how it is- things are different now. Most humans read, and a message canContinue reading “North Carolina Shakespeare Festival closes for good”

RamblePost: Bills, Feminism, Writing, Job Interviews

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Hello!  It is 1:30 in the morning and I am writing to you because I am an insomniac (and I work closing at my #dayjob).  I believe that this post will be somewhat rambling, so please bear with me. So I work in retail for my #dayjob in a…

“Publicists are Super Humans, Not Super Heroes”

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Do you understand what a publicist’s job entails and when you should hire one? It consists of far more than sending e-blasts, image consulting, and damage control. You must also have talent and a great product. A good/connected publicist will open windows of opportunity, break down barriers, and help you accomplish…