North Carolina Shakespeare Festival closes for good

I wonder what Shakespeare would think if he read some of the things we write today… I seriously doubt that most of it would stick around for hundreds of years and our descendants would want to recite it. Maybe that’s just how it is- things are different now. Most humans read, and a message can be clearly said and posted on the Internet without a unreasonable amount of worry. We don’t need to write grand plays to make social commentary- we have reality tv. Nowadays, everyone has the ability to write and have an audience so we have to make room. Does that mean we should ignore what for so long has been considered excellence? I may focus on nonfiction as a writer, but I was still bothered by this headline. If we let go of the Arts, where are headed?

HIGH POINT, N.C. – The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival is not to be, according to the Greensboro News & Record.

The nonprofit professional theater company in High Point is closing for good after it couldn’t find adequate funding to sustain its programming.

The festival’s board of trustees decided in late May to discontinue operations for the upcoming fiscal year, but it did not make a public announcement until this week.

“This decision was based upon the company’s continuing challenge to secure adequate funding to sustain its programming,” board Chairwoman Ashley Hedgecock said Friday in an emailed statement, according to the paper.

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