On Writing Online for a Living

Yesterday I received congratulations on LinkedIn from a classmate from middle school. “Happy 6 year work anniversary!” What? Has it seriously been 6 years? In Internet years, that’s almost a lifetime. I thought about my work anniversary the entire day. I was surprised to discover that freelance writing had been my longest running gig, beatingContinue reading “On Writing Online for a Living”

5 Easy Ways To Ruin A Relationship With A Freelancer

This is a repost of an article I’ve written on Linked In. I don’t believe in duplicating content – not even my own – so you’ll need to click over to Linked In to read it, but I promise its worth the read. I wrote it after pondering some of my least favorite contracts. EachContinue reading “5 Easy Ways To Ruin A Relationship With A Freelancer”

30,000 Words, 700 Jobs, One Year

Originally posted on Longreads:
A few months ago, a friend considering a freelance writing career asked me how much money I make as a writer. I wanted to say, “You mean, what’s the going rate for a human soul?” But I wasn’t close enough to this friend to be certain she’d realize I was mostly…

ReBlog Sunday: The One Thing That Can Ruin Your Freelance Writing Career

I generally run very far away from any article that begins with “The One Thing”, but for this one I couldn’t help reading. In this post, freelance writer Elna Cain talks about how she nearly ruined her freelance career with one single mistake… and it has little to do with writing. I’m sharing this forContinue reading “ReBlog Sunday: The One Thing That Can Ruin Your Freelance Writing Career”