Have you hugged an EMT today?

When I was in college, a friend of mine had a boyfriend who planned on becoming a firefighter. At the time I remember thinking: ‘Who wants to be a firefighter…. That’s dangerous!’

I figured he’d change his mind- I mean, we were only 18 anyways. He didn’t. My friend became the wife of a rural fire-fighter. Now, every time I see a fire-truck rush down the street to an emergency, I think about what the emergency personnel are putting themselves through.

How stressful is that job? What about their families? What does my friend and her three young children think when their father goes into danger? I shudder thinking about it, but I admit, it’s only a passing thought.

The fact is, even though I’ve seen what they go through (I remember what happened in 9/11)  and have benefited from their services (1996 Olympic Park Shooting; FEMA natural disaster aid), I don’t think about what emergency personnel go through. Do I appreciate what they do? Absolutely! Understand it – now that’s another thing.

Which is why this reflections post is somewhat of a Public Service Announcement.

“Have you hugged an EMT today” is not meant literally… it’s a symbol for showing appreciation and affection for those who put their lives at risks to save ours.

And… Here is how I plan to hug an EMT, by telling you about Carlos Negron.

Carlos is an EMT in Jersey City… you know, that city just outside of NYC. Carlos was one of the brave First Responder at 9/11 working in search and rescue. Now, Carlos is asking for our help telling the story of what happens after the call. Considering that I kind of owe it to all of the  emergency personnel who’ve helped me in the past, it is an honor to return the favor.

Carlos would like to create a documentary about the lives of those working in EMS. Now, if the rest of the world is anything like me, we probably need to have one.

Please take a moment to watch this video, donate, and/or share it with your friends.

I’ve received no compensation for promoting this cause and I don’t know Carlos.  I simply was asked to blog about it, and after reviewing their campaign, I wanted to help.

So, I challenge you. Have you hugged an EMT today? Well, if not, here’s your chance.

After the Call Kickstarter Campaign

Let me know what you think....

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