North Carolina Shakespeare Festival closes for good

I wonder what Shakespeare would think if he read some of the things we write today… I seriously doubt that most of it would stick around for hundreds of years and our descendants would want to recite it. Maybe that’s just how it is- things are different now. Most humans read, and a message canContinue reading “North Carolina Shakespeare Festival closes for good”

Why the Online Freelance Economy Is Great for Racists, Nationalists and Sexists

Remember when the Internet used to be anonymous? I do. Now it’s full of avatars, bios and videos. People want to know who they are working with, where that person is located, and what country they hold allegiance to. While I can completely understand the rationale behind this practice, it is quite troubling to meContinue reading “Why the Online Freelance Economy Is Great for Racists, Nationalists and Sexists”

Today’s Internet Writing, AKA Scribble

As a professional writer it is hard to find work at a place where everyone works for free, but somehow people like myself manage to scrape out a living. For me, the Internet is a huge dynamic book, almost like a yearbook. There are pictures, some information, and the area in the back where peopleContinue reading “Today’s Internet Writing, AKA Scribble”

It’s Just Not What It Used to Be

Nearly twenty years ago I started communicating online. Yes, you read right. The crazy thing about that is, my connection depended on the free 30 days trial CDs companies sent to my parents in the mail. Late at night, while my parents were sleeping, I’d plug a phone line into my Windows 3.1 computer, insertContinue reading “It’s Just Not What It Used to Be”