How My Time As A Model Made Me A Better Freelance Writer

It may not be apparent how working as a freelance model can be similar to working as a freelance writer, but there are definitely some things in common. In my experience, my short time as a freelance model was just one of many jumps, along my varied yet focused path. From a young age, myContinue reading “How My Time As A Model Made Me A Better Freelance Writer”

Today’s Internet Writing, AKA Scribble

As a professional writer it is hard to find work at a place where everyone works for free, but somehow people like myself manage to scrape out a living. For me, the Internet is a huge dynamic book, almost like a yearbook. There are pictures, some information, and the area in the back where peopleContinue reading “Today’s Internet Writing, AKA Scribble”

I’m a Writer, So I’m Not Very Good with Words!

In another life, I worked in technical support, a job that is highly dependent on getting people to explain their problems. One day, I was assisting an older lady who was having a difficult time explaining what was going on with her device. After rambling on about everything but the problem, she said in anContinue reading “I’m a Writer, So I’m Not Very Good with Words!”