The Importance of Giving Back

So I know I’ve only been doing this full time entrepreneur thing for a month, but it has come time to take a break. Am I giving up? Absolutely not! I’m loving this whole writing thing! However, instead of quickly jumping into the deep water and losing sight of where I’ve come from, I am going to take a moment to give back.

So for the month of September, I am putting all new clients on hold to lend my talents to some causes that need them. What this means for you, dear readers, is that for a short while, I will be scaling back on my postings so that I can focus on these other projects short term.

It also means that I will not be taking on any new clients the month of September.

My two causes will be on Gifted Education and Dystonia.

I will be tweeting on these topics as well as posting on them at:

Blog on Gifted Education in America

Blog on Dystonia

I will also be donating my services this month (guest blog posting) for a donation to my son’s GoFundMe Campaign.

Thank you and I appreciate you taking the time to read!

Let me know what you think....

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