Freeway Rick Ross: The Entrepreneurial Hustler

Why did I choose Freeway Rick Ross, an American Drug Kingpin, as my first entrepreneur to profile on my blog? Well, because I believe he set the stage for a new type of entrepreneur- the kind that I’d dare say didn’t exist before him- the entrepreneurial hustler. But Freeway Rick Ross wasn’t an immigrant inContinue reading “Freeway Rick Ross: The Entrepreneurial Hustler”

The Importance of Giving Back

So I know I’ve only been doing this full time entrepreneur thing for a month, but it has come time to take a break. Am I giving up? Absolutely not! I’m loving this whole writing thing! However, instead of quickly jumping into the deep water and losing sight of where I’ve come from, I amContinue reading “The Importance of Giving Back”

Why I Won’t Be Adding You On LinkedIn

I wasn’t very popular in high school. Yes, I knew people, but it was never my goal to be liked by a whole bunch of people. It was always more important to be liked by certain people. I guess that’s why I am baffled by LinkedIn and Facebook sometimes. For some people I feel likeContinue reading “Why I Won’t Be Adding You On LinkedIn”

So I quit my day job…..

So this is my first week as a dedicated freelance writer since 2000. I have to say it is exciting yet terrifying at the same time. Why the sudden change? Well, let’s just say that my body doesn’t respond to a time-clock very well. .. As I have hinted in previous posts, my health is,Continue reading “So I quit my day job…..”